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What You Need To Teach Your Kids About Petting Dogs

On Tuesday afternoon an 8-year-old girl was bitten by a dog at a house in central Lubbock. Her middle finger was bitten off by her neighbor's sheltie. The dog was taken by the Lubbock Animal Shelter. The little girl was taken to Highland Medical Center for treatment.

Animal experts say summer is generally the time when they see more kids getting bit by dogs. So parents, what do you need to teach your kids? What we're about to show you are preventive measures. But the one important thing you need to teach your kids is to tell them to stay away from any strange dog.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips
Here are some tips on avoiding and treating animal bites from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

I want you to look at this dog and tell me if you think it's friendly? "Yeah sort of," said 10-year-old Bria Grimm. "Kind of," said 9-year-old Evan Grimm. Both children said they like dogs. But they also know to stay away from strange dogs.

"A lot of kids, if they see a dog running loose, they want to run up to pet it but they may end up getting bit," said Jamie Cantrell, Animal Shelter director.

Does the number of child versus dog incidents increase now that kids are out of school? "Yes absolutely," answered Cantrell.

Bria and Evan are about to learn a lesson on how to approach dogs so they can prevent dog bites because they know not all dogs are not as friendly as they look. "Don't go up to a strange dog because if he has rabies you could get sick," said Evan.

"First thing, if you have a dog that's on a leash, then you always want to ask if the animal is ok to be petted or not. Just because the owner might say yes, doesn't mean the dog won't bite you," warned Cantrell.

"When you come to pet it, you don't want to reach over the top of the dog's head. That's a dominate issue," showed Cantrell. "By approaching them slowly, making sure you don't sneak up on them, and by making sure you touch them in the right spot, can prevent dog bites," said Cantrell.

Cantrell says to ask first, call the dog by it's name, and scratch the dog's chest. Also, don't make any fast movements, don't sneak up behind the dog because you might scare it and get bitten.

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