Denver City home building project changing lives

Bob Banks
Bob Banks

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Bob Banks owns the ACE Hardware in Denver City. He is a very religious man and is always looking for ways to give back, but has been unable to get away because of his business.

"God puts it on your heart to help people the best you can," said Bob.

It wasn't until his friend named Casey Clark came back from a missions trip in Mexico that he came up with an idea: Why not start a house building mission in my own town?

That's exactly what he did and His Hands Housing Ministry was born.

"The houses that we build are about 1008 square feet, they come with three bedrooms, one bathroom, it's just a standard house, something to help somebody out," said Bob.

The funding comes from local donations and the builders are Bob and whoever else in the community is willing to participate.

"On the last house we did we had 14 different churches participating, churches from as far away as Houston."

People who want the houses go through an application process that includes an interview and the final decision is made by a group of local church leaders. They come up with the name of the person they think is most deserving.

"The mother for this house was driving back and forth to Hobbs to work everyday while she was living with her mom in town so they could take care of her kids," said Bob when describing the recipient of the first house.

"By giving her this house she was able to move in to a less paying job here in town and be with her kids."

The woman was chosen unanimously by the church leaders, which is impressive because they reveal the name at the same time.

Bob has completed two houses already and are relocating a house that was donated to them so it can be sold. The money that is earned from it will go towards financing two more houses.

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