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City advises use of surge protectors during LP&L repairs

From City of Lubbock:

LP&L has informed the City of Lubbock that the lightening arrestor problem at the Wadsworth Sub-Station is being repaired but still has potential for power outages throughout the city.

To fix the problem, LP&L will be conducting repairs at the Wadsworth Sub-Station on Thursday, July 26th, beginning at 5:30 AM. This repair should take no more than an hour. LP&L is taking steps to ensure electricity is unaffected during these repairs.

While it is not anticipated that power will be affected, the City of Lubbock is taking precautions to prevent similar situations from this past week and that essential city services will be uninterrupted during the repair. The precautions being taken in the event of an outage are:

  • The Emergency Operations Center will be opened during repairs
  • Lubbock Police are increasing staffing in the event of traffic signal problems, and Traffic Signals will have crews out to quickly fix any affected intersections
  • Lubbock Water Department will have generators operating at pump stations which should ensure no loss of water pressure
  • Lubbock Fire are increasing staffing to handle any call load · Lubbock International Airport is increasing staffing to ensure no flights are affected
  • LP&L and City of Lubbock call centers are increasing staffing to handle any call load

While the citizens of Lubbock should experience uninterrupted electric service, they are encouraged to do the following:

  • Turn off any non-essential electrical equipment that might be affected by a surge
  • Ensure essential equipment is plugged into a surge protector and has adequate back-up supply
  • Conserve electricity whenever possible

If the citizens of Lubbock experience any non-emergency problems during this repair, please do not call 911. Instead please contact the following:

  • LP&L Call Center: 775-2555
  • City of Lubbock Information: 311
  • City of Lubbock Water Hotline: 775-2588

Mayor Glen Robertson says this is one of many repairs to come. LP&L is repairing three of the arrestors Thursday because of the poor condition they're in. Robertson says more repairs will be made as they see the need.

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