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Police offer "Lone Gunmen" response training to Lubbock citizens

With Colorado's movie theater shooting still flooding the news, the Lubbock Police Department is taking steps to prepare our local community for similar situations.

LPD's Neighborhood Services Departments is offering the public free training on how to deal with an active shooter or lone gunman who has taken over a building or public area.

"I don't think we are naïve anymore in understanding that there is no difference in our community and the Aurora, Colorado community," LPD's lead "active shooter" instructor Chris Paine said.

Paine says the department trains their staff in active shooter scenarios more than any other in-service training, and now they're expanding that training to the public.

Any business, church, organization or community group can sign up for the hour training, and an instructor will set up a time to come to your location and teach the class. "We actually show you through documentaries, security camera video, or re-enactment what an active shooter really looks like. We then offer our recommended plan on how to respond to that type of situation," Paine said.

Paine says it typically takes officers between three to 12 minutes to respond to a scene, if an officer isn't already nearby. If that's the case, Paine says it's up to the citizens to fight through the chaos and respond appropriately to the situation.

"Most citizens tend to freeze, so that's what we're trying to eliminate in training is that moment of shock or moment of frozen in place to where we can turn that moment into action," he said. "If I train all our officers and they do a great a job, which I'm confident they will then that's great. If that's the only focus of our training then I might have missed the big picture by 250,000 to 300,000 people in our region, and that's not enough for our department."

That's why Paine gathered three other instructors and their taking the training to the streets. During these sessions the instructors will be able to answer any type of question on what you should do, as well as addressing how concealed handgun licensed carriers should respond in different scenarios.

If you would like to sign up your group for a session  you can call the Neighborhood Services Department at 806-775-2971.

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