Post boasts impressive economy and rich history

POST, TX (KCBD) - Three miles below the Caprock along Highway 84, the community of Post is known as the "Gateway to the Plains of West Texas." The town was founded back in 1907 by CW Post, who was the creator of Post Cereals. Garza County historian Linda Puckett says he was looking for an oasis.

"CW came here and bought about 333 square miles of land, which is a good piece of ranch land, for the purpose of building a little town - his little utopia," Puckett said.

Puckett has lived in Post since the early 1980s. She says it boasts both a rich history and booming economy. Cotton and cattle are king, but oil is the county's biggest commodity.

"We started out with experimenting farming and then the oil really became prominent in the 1950s. It has pretty well surpassed ranching and farming," Puckett said.

The community has sustained for more than a hundred years. Most of the buildings built in the early 1900s, along Main Street, are still standing. There are several museums, specialty retail shops, and businesses.

"We have a lot of progressive people here. We want Post to shine. We love it when people come down - let us entertain you!!" Puckett said.

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