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Chief believes Idalou crash was intentional

James Christopher Guilbeau James Christopher Guilbeau

Three people are still are still in critical condition after a police chase led to a shocking crash. Idalou Police Chief Albert Garcia said that James Christopher Guile, 27, of Plano veered his car into oncoming traffic while being chased by police.

"When they started to enter the city limits of Ralls, they noticed the suspect veer into the oncoming lane of traffic. Of course at 2 a.m. there's not that much traffic out, but there did happen to be one vehicle that was traveling west bound," Garcia says.

Guilbeau hit the car of 35-year old Irene Diaz. She is in serious condition at UMC.

Police say Guilbeau was seen throwing things out of the window that were later determined to be drugs. Guilbeau had a passenger in the car that they believe may have been kidnapped. The woman says Guilbeau reached over to unfasten her seatbelt and intended to kill them both.

"We have to prove that there is the intent for him to cause the termination of life and according to her statement, she advised that he did deliberately take her seatbelt loose and he specifically told her that she was going to die," Garcia says.

Police say they are considering increasing his charges and adding attempted capital murder and assault with a vehicle to the list that already include tampering with evidence, possession of a controlled substance, and evading arrest. However, this isn't his first run in with that law.

"We have been able to determine that he has a pretty lengthy criminal past. It appears he is gang affiliated as well with the Arian Circle or Arian Nation," Garcia said.

The chase started in Lubbock County, which is where the charges are based. However, Garcia says he is working with the Crosby County District attorney to add additional charges.

"Crosby County District Attorney and Lubbock County District Attorney have a very good working relationship and I think that they'll be able to share information," Garcia says.

Garcia said the incident happened around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. Officers attempted to make a routine traffic stop. As they approached Guilbeau's vehicle, he sped off with the other female in his car. The chase led officer to Ralls reaching speeds of 75-100 MPH. Dash cam video shows the collision and the car being lifted off the ground by the impact.

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