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A fitness studio in Post celebrates their 20th anniversary

Post is a progressive medical community.  Not just because of the health clinic on the edge of town, but there's also a place downtown that's all about good health.

In the last five years, Post has added a brand new building to house.  The Garza County Health Clinic is staffed by Physician Network Services out of UMC in Lubbock.  It includes a physician and a physician assistant who take care of about 11,000 visits a year.

There's another side of Post, health wise that shows just how progressive this little community is.  You'll probably hear it before you see the skinny store front with "Zumba" in big letters on the window.

Owner Rhonda Norman said, "I opened up my gym in '92, so we've been here for 20 years.  It's called Vibes, and in a world where little stores go in-and-out of business. This fitness center has gotten stronger in 20 years…attracting new people of all ages.

"I started with two people, and now we probably have more than 100 members," said Rhonda. "I have teenagers, I had a 72 year old do Zumba, and she said her knee felt better."

Coincidentally, Shane Frankle, a nurse practitioner, has an office next door and frequently visits the workout center to offer encouragement and advice.  "When we eat certain things, it's the equivalent to putting gas in your car."  "Post, believe it or not, is very progressive."

The community is very progressive, and it is convenient. 

Mistie Day, a member of Vibes, said, "If I had to travel, I probably wouldn't work out. I get to work out five days a week, and stay at home, and go to work, and take care of the family. We don't miss out on anything because it's local."

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