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Fracking promises jobs, wealth for Hockley County


Hydraulic fracturing has gained quite a bit of momentum in East Texas and an interest for fracking in Hockley County is on the rise.

Many companies have looked into what kind of potential lies in West Texas.  

Discussions of fracking more wells in the area has gained much support from locals, including Governor Rick Perry. 

"It's proven technology," said Perry. "It's also safe. Never once in this country's history has there been a case of ground water contamination by hydraulic fracturing; that's what the opponents want to use as a scare tactic."

President of Titan Companies, Shannon Himango, says if adopted, hydraulic fracturing could bring forth many long term benefits. He said the local economy would see a boost almost immediately. 

"The more oil activity we have, the more jobs and home building," said Himango. "There's a major trickle down effect from the person working at the bank, to the person working at the automobile dealership.  So if we begin to frack more wells in Hockley County, Levelland will definitely benefit from that increase."

Gov. Perry agrees. 

"It'll make the economy of West Texas much more vibrant if I can suggest to you, to bring that type of technology here, it would bring up property taxes in a good way and bring these resources to the county," said Perry.

Himango said although the potential here has not yet been determined, he said the expansion of hydraulic fracturing in west Texas highly depends upon the price of oil. If prices remain high, he says there will likely be more interest in the utilization of the technology.

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