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Mayor says he's receiving political threats over LP&L


Mayor Glen Robertson says he's been receiving political threats. Robertson has been extremely outspoken about making changes to Lubbock Power & Light, but it hasn't come without opposition.

"I just want to get the accounting straight, I want to get the budget back in the process where it should be. I want to get meter reading back being done. I want customer service being implemented. We've got a lot of issues," Robertson said.

Robertson believes LP&L Chairman Mike Davis may be the root of the threats coming against him. Robertson says he's gotten numerous calls from people telling him taking on LP&L isn't a smart political move. A group also told Robertson they would raise money to make sure he was never elected to an office again.

"They've said this is not politically smart and that it could probably end my political career in Lubbock. And quite frankly, I told them, I don't care, we've got to do what's right and the public will make decisions to whether or not we're doing this the right way," Robertson said.

Robertson says it's time for the public to learn about the issues at hand and that these threats only make him want to pursue the changes more.

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