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Dangers when ordering breast milk online

Mother Lauren Fruehan said, "I receive milk from about 10 moms, and he thrives and grows. He is quite strong."

There are many women who can't pump enough breast milk to satisfy their baby, so they turn to other new moms for help. It's the reason breast milk is referred to as "liquid gold" because of the nutrients and antioxidants that are passed through mother's milk to a newborn.

Healthwise, we've told you that new moms are lucky here because UMC is home to the first 24 hour milk bank on the South Plains.  But elsewhere, there is a new emerging problem. Breast milk is becoming big business online...slling for up to ten dollars an ounce. The obvious question is, "How do you know it's safe if you're ordering breast milk over the internet?"  You don't.

Betty Lunsford from the Health Dept. said, "It becomes more dangerous because people try to make it more equitable for themselves, and don't take mom and baby into account."  "We certainly recommend going through a certified health bank and not work together with another person."

Lunsford warns that contaminated breast milk can contain bacteria.   It can spread HIV, Hepatitis C, and other dangerous viruses.  

Donations through a milk bank, like the one at UMC, are carefully screened.  Experts say when breast milk is donated, and there's no money involved, there's no ulterior motive except the rewards that come to a mom who can share that liquid gold with another baby.

The North Texas Milk Bank at UMC is always in need of donations, just go to their website at http://www.texasmilkbank.org/

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