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More Covenant Cut Backs?

About a dozen doctors will soon be leaving the Covenant Medical group. This time it's not another round of layoffs, instead, a Covenant Spokesman says they've decided against renewing certain physicians contracts. So what exactly does that mean?

Sharon Prather, Senior Vice-President for Covenant Health System, confirmed that nine internal medicine physicians would no longer be needed at the hospital. The doctors were told on Wednesday that their contracts would not be renewed once they expire. Now according to Covenant, these aren't considered layoffs, rather just a routine course of business.

All of the physicians, currently working out of Covenant Lakeside, will be able to apply for other jobs in the Covenant System, but the positions they are currently in will no longer be needed. This also means there will be some reshuffling of staff, the staff can either leave with the doctors or work somewhere else in the system.

Prather said this is standard business, that happens regularly, as a matter of fact they've not renewed 18 other contracts in the last two years. NewsChannel 11 also spoke with UMC Spokesman Greg Bruce to compare, but he said UMC hasn't not renewed any contracts the past few years.

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