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Veet Hair Removal Warm Wax: Does It Work?

Put an end to daily shaving with this product called Veet. It is supposed to give your skin long lasting smoothness. This product was under ten bucks, but Does It Work?

This is how it works, you fill the reservoir with hot water and let it set for four minutes.

While the green tea wax was warming up, I read the instructions on how to put this stuff on my legs. I took the roller and rolled down my leg in the direction of hair growth. Then, I placed a strip over the wax and said a little prayer. "Dear God, please don't let this hurt!"

Oh! It hurt all right. "Well, look there. One, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten hairs at the most came up!"

So I kept ripping. "Oh," it still hurt. I did it again. "OK, now it's taking more of the hair off."

But it wasn't taking it ALL off though. So I kept working the same spot even more. "This is a lot of pain to go through if it's not taking the hair off!". Take a look at each strip. Not a lot of hair was removed especially for someone who did not shave for two days!

If you've ever wondered about this product, you can stop. Because we just painfully showed you how it Doesn't Work.

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