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Olympic fever spreads to Lubbock as athletes compete


After four years, the Olympics are back and people in Lubbock can't wait to watch the USA.

"I'm excited about seeing all the flips and people doing gymnastics because I'm really interested in that," said young Alexia Severy.

But when it comes to team USA she can't choose a favorite.

"I can't decide between anyone of them, I can't decide between one, they're all really nice," she said.

Festivities began with the opening ceremony on Friday, which received a mixed reaction. Most people knew that it couldn't live up to the spectacle that the Beijing Olympics was able to produce in 2008, but they liked it nonetheless.

"I'm from an English descent so I enjoyed it," one viewer said.

And although he loved the transition between time periods, there was one part that just didn't strike the right chord.

"Paul, he's getting a little old, so he definitely wasn't my favorite," he said.

Swimming, track and field, volleyball and gymnastics seemed to be the most anticipated events of the people we talked to, and Justin McAdoo wants to see the battle between Lochte and Phelps.

"I mean it's been 8 years that it's been going on and on, so I can't wait to see what happens," McAdoo said.

People are also looking forward to seeing the USA Olympic gymnasts in Lubbock when the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastic Champions comes to the United Spirit Arena on October 7th.

"If I can get a break away I will end up trying to go out there and see them," McAdoo said.

With two full weeks of events left to be seen, Lubbock still has a lot more to be excited about.

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