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City setting stage to remake 98th & Milwaukee


The City of Lubbock is making the final preparations to rebuild the intersection of 98th and Milwaukee Avenue. On Friday the city published bids for a willing contractor to buy and remove a house and another building at 10108 Milwaukee. Once that's done, it will clear the way to make Milwaukee 7 lanes wide through the intersection.

City of Lubbock Public Works Director Marsha Reed talked about the project on a recent informational video for the City of Lubbock website.

She said the project will include, "full width concrete paving from where we stopped at 94th street to 104th street for sure."

Lubbock voters in 2009 approved $6.65 million dollars.

Reed also said, "And then we'll do an alternate bid to include full width paving to 114th street. And we feel pretty comfortable that we might be able to include that as part of this project."

"Short of that the project will include strip paving, three lanes wide, all the way to 114th street."

Bids on the house are due in mid-August, and the house must be removed within 90 days. The house can be moved to another location or it can demolished for scrap.

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