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Lubbock I.T. professionals warn users about Olympics scam


There are 124 scams on the Internet related to the Olympics according to Texas Tech, and that number will go up, not down, during the next two weeks. 

Sam Segran, Associate Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, says a sure sign of trouble is a misspelled name or a logo that doesn't look quite right.

Segran says, "If you see an email coming around claiming to have great Olympic pictures, and ‘go to this website,' and you have never been to that site before and it looks strange, don't do that."   

Why?  "Because hackers will use those kinds of events to send malware to your computers," Segran says.

Texas Tech sent out an alert to I.T. professionals across Lubbock on Monday warning of the potential dangers.

"It might talk about your getting a temporary job offer to work at the Olympics, getting free tickets or discounted tickets to the Olympics," Segran says.  "So when you click on the picture or the link or the email, those thing will eventually infect your systems."

In some cases the hackers are trying to trick you out of money.  In other cases they're looking to gather your personal information.  And in other cases, they're looking to infect your computer with malware.

Text messages from a number you don't know should also raise a red flag. 

Segran says, look for the official Olympics website or the NBC website since NBC has the coverage rights for the United States. 

Texas Tech has set up a site with helpful information on avoiding scams.  Go to

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