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The Smith family, Hometown Heroes

Mitchell Smith Mitchell Smith

Walking up to the Smith's home, it's apparent a military family lives there. Signs of patriotism and pride wave in the front yard, but for Uetta and Mitchell Smith, their pride runs far deeper.

"It's hard to be a mom because you want to hold them. But you got to let go of them," Uetta Smith said.

That's exactly what these parents had to do when two of their sons enlisted in the Army.

"I've always been proud of them. I've always supported them. Of course it's always in the back of your mind that the price these solider's have to pay is the ultimate price," Mitchell Smith said.

For Joshua and Matthew Smith, the choice was easy. Their father, grandfather and other family members were all military men, so the Army was in their blood.

"We know what they go through and what they sacrifice. We really appreciate what the servicemen and women are doing and what they continue to do," Mitchell Smith said.

Both Joshua and Matthew served numerous tours in the Middle East, sometimes just two borders apart.

"When Joshua was in Iraq, we had Matthew on his way and in Afghanistan, which was a little scary," Uetta Smith said.

During their service, the brother received Purple Hearts after being wounded in combat, a frightening moment these parents had to endure twice.

"We cried like babies for a couple of hours because you realize it was that close," Mitchell Smith said.

The brothers are also both family men who had to sacrifice precious time with their children for their country.

"I'm extremely proud of my sons, but more so of my daughter-in-laws that have stood beside them and hugged their necks and told them bye when they're pregnant and knowing they're not going to be there for the birth," Uetta Smith said.

Not a day goes by that the Smith's aren't thankful their boys came home safely to their own children.

"We see it on TV, but they're out there. My boys were walking around on the streets of Baghdad and it truly is the world's deadliest city," Mitchell Smith said.

"You stay on your knees a lot, a whole lot. You need to thank your service men. There is so much we all take for granted" Uetta Smith said.

Joshua Smith is still in the Army and is stationed at Ft. Benning in Georgia. He is scheduled to be deployed again in October, this time to Afghanistan. His brother Matthew is now studying to be a architect at Texas Tech.

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