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How Cruz managed to upset Dewhurst in primary election


One day after winning the Republican Primary for the US Senate Seat vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison, Ted Cruz is now setting his sights on November. That's when he will face off against Democrat Paul Sadler. However, much of the talk is still focused on his win against Lt. Governor David Dewhurst - a win that was unexpected.

Cruz was backed by the Tea Party and not expected to win because Dewhurst had a resume full of experience. Dewhurst was endorsed by the GOP establishment and and has served the last 13 years in office, first as Land Commissioner and most recently as Lt. Governor. However, local Conservative blogger Dr. Donald May says it was Cruz's lack of experience in office, compared to Dewhurst, that may have helped him secure the top spot.

"One of the things that was attractive, I believe, about Ted Cruz is he's never been elected to office before, he's never run for office before," May said.

May says Cruz's victory speaks volumes about what voters are looking for. He says voters want less politics and more action.

"People want individuals who represent them to take on the government and stand up to the government and not necessarily become part of the government we've become accustom to and subjected to," May said.

Lubbock's Republican Party Chair, Carl Tepper, agrees with May.

"I definitely see a trend toward the younger star power in the Republican Party. I see it in the Democratic Party, too. People want to be inspired," Tepper said.

Both Tepper and May say it's not about the money or connections a candidate can bring to the table. Instead, they believe it's about what kind of passion and determination they can take to Washington.

"Politics isn't rocket science. I think if someone has the motivation, a pure heart, and a love for this country, they'll prevail and be able to operate in Washington very well," Tepper said.

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