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Humane Society hosts microchip and shot clinic Saturday

From The Humane Society of West Texas:

Low cost microchip and shot clinic for pets, open to the public, at the ClearTalk phone store on 2864 34th in Lubbock (Elgin and 34th). 1-5 PM Saturday. There will be a rock climber for the kids too!

About the pet vaccines:
Dr. Fletcher will be there with low-cost shots. Animal Medical Center of Wolfforth (find her on Facebook!) is her clinic, so please ask there about pricing for the vaccines. Try and bring any shot records you have for your pets!

FVRCP (feline distemper)- $15
FeLv/FIV (leukemia/aids)- $20
Rabies- $10
Combo package- $40
(includes FVRCP, FeLv/FIV, Rabies, Deworm)
Basic package- $34
(includes FVRCP, Rabies, Deworm)
Wellness testing: Leuk/FIV- $25
(leukemia and immunodeficiency)
Deworming: 1% ivermectin- $10
Flea/tick treatment: Topical: each- $15 3pkg- $40

DHALP2 (distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, hepatitis, lepto)- $20
Bordatella (kennel cough)- $12
Rabies- $10
Combo Package- $49.50
(DHLAP2,Bord, Rabies, Deworm)
Basic package- $38.00
(DHLAP2, Rabies, Deworm)
Wellness testing: 4DX Heartworm test- $25
Deworming: StrongidT or 1% ivermectin- $10
Flea/tick treatments: vectra 3D single- $17 3pkg- $50
comfortis single $15 3pkg- $36 6pkg- $72

General Services:
Anal Gland expression- $8
Nail Trim- $8

About the microchips:
Get your pet a microchip ID implant for $20! Includes registration with 24PetWatch. No appointments needed, just walk in! For cats and dogs 6 weeks and older.

Microchips save your contact information. If your pet is lost, most vets and animal shelters check for them. The implant is injected in the pet's shoulder area and works for life!

Invite all your friends! Donations of pet food and supplies gratefully accepted!

The microchip works for life without any other fees, unless you have to change the information saved on the microchip. Although local vets charge $30-$60 for microchips, so even if you had to change the information you are still seeing a savings. The company will release any information stored on the chip without you paying a fee. The fee is to change the information at some future date. See details below:

"24PetWatch Information: After the first year there is an applicable maintenance fee. You can choose to pay the annual fee of $16.95 or a one-time lifetime maintenance fee of $49.95. Once the microchip is registered with us, your information is never deleted from our database. However, your contact information may become out of date. To keep your account current, please contact us at 1-866-597-2424. Your maintenance fees must be up to date in order to update information. Our hours of operations for general inquiries, registrations, account updates, and product purchases are Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm EST, and Saturday 9am to 6pm EST."

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