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A new strain that spreads from pigs to people

Maybe you've heard there is a new strain of swine flu emerging in humans...mostly in Indiana, Ohio, and Hawaii, after direct contact with sick pigs.  This new strain spreads from pigs to people.

Dr. Joseph Bresee said, "In the last three weeks, we've detected 16 cases alone, and we're testing more today."

The CDC says there is no reason to panic. This new strain is easily treated with medication. You may remember the fears that came with the H1N1 epidemic in 2009.  The biggest difference in this new strain, other than the name since this one is called H3N2, is that people can catch this from a sick pig.  However, that person can not pass it on to another person.

The CDC says frequent handwashing is again the best prevention...especially if your kids are raising pigs for the fair.

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