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$98 Million Bond Package To Be Recommended to Lubbock ISD

A bond committee will recommend to Lubbock School Board members a bond package worth around $98 million. Committee Chairman Dan Pope says the committee, made up of Lubbock citizens, has been working on the package since February.

"We were given a starting point that came from administration. It was probably what they saw as the needs based upon what we've done in the past with some bond issues," said Pope.

In earlier reports, the school board has told NewsChannel 11 they need money to expand on high schools to accommodate ninth graders, to build two new elementary schools in Northwest and South Lubbock, repair other school buildings, and buy new equipment. "The effort to maintain air conditioning, all of the things along with that is a big part of this effort is to modify the buildings. The needs that meet our students needs 20 years ago are different than they are today," said Pope.

Pope says the committee is scheduled to recommend the package to school board members next Thursday at the regular school board meeting. A part of the recommendation is to minimize the impact to you, the tax payer.

The last bond election was passed by voters in 2000. It was a $24 million bond package. Right now, you pay $.10 on your school taxes to help the school district pay off bond debts. There is a possibility it could go up closer the state's average of 4.19 cents, but we will have to wait and see how much.

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