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Consider This...Fee reform, not lip service

I think City Councilwoman Latrelle Joy has the right idea calling for a review of Lubbock's storm water fees. This Thursday, Council will form a committee tasked with what I'll call fee reform.  

But this isn't the first time. Last year, the issue was sent to a City advisory board. And what happened? The storm water fee went from $12 per household to $14.

What once cost residence a little more than $20 a year, has now become a $168 a year. And for businesses, that number is just more than $1,000 a year.

Consider this:

I understand money for water projects has to come from somewhere, but these numbers are out of control. So I think Lubbock residents and taxpayers should expect one main thing out of this committee.

Stop using the fees on our utility bill to tax us more every year. If City Hall wants more money, they shouldn't be allowed to just reach into our pockets and take it anytime they please.

This is a tall order for city government. But it's time for fee reform instead of lip service. 

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