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Dangers of third-hand smoke

We've talked about the dangers of second hand smoke, healthwise.  That's when you're not smoking, but someone in the house is.  Now, scientists are finding more and more evidence of another risk...third-hand smoke. Those are the fumes that come off somebody who has smoked somewhere else, and you may just sit next to them and smell it.

The American Lung Association says that can be dangerous too.  Dr. Norman Edelman says, "There's evidence now that third-hand smoke is a risk factor in children like chronic ear infections and chronic respiratory infections.  And if your clothes reek of smoke, and your hair reeks of smoke, your little child is going to get an asthma attack, more than likely."

The American Lung Association says this is all the more reason for smokers to smoke outside the car or house... where the air is less concentrated and the fumes are less likely to settle on clothing.

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