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Tax rates may be increased in Lubbock County


The County Commissioners held their annual budget meeting this morning, and amidst the discussion Commissioner Gilbert Flores talked about the possibility of increasing taxes.

Lubbock's current tax rat is just under 33/100, meaning that a person with a 100,000 dollar home pays around $330.00 In taxes. It is one of the lowest tax rates in Texas and Commissioner Flores thinks it's time for a change.

"The demand of Lubbock County as far as operation is concerned is much greater now than the revenue that we're bringing in." said County Commissioner Flores. "We took pride for years being one of the lowest tax counties in the state of Texas but it's kind of catching up with us now, we cannot meet the demand."

Judge Tom Head agreed with Flores saying during the meeting: "I think we need to give the Sheriff's Department the money they need and if that means a tax increase then I'm for it."

Commissioner McCay says raising taxes isn't an option.

"The tax rate is not on the radar at this point. What is on the radar is going through every budget and scrubbing every budget and truly understanding where we are, and exactly what we need to do to provide the level of services to the county," McCay said.

The decision is far from final, however, and takes a 3 to 2 vote to pass. During today's meeting Commissioners McCay and Heinrich and were opposed to a possible tax increase while Commissioner Flores and Judge Head supported the idea. Commissioner Jones did not attend the meeting.

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