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Lubbock ISD dumps the city as middle-man for school property

Jeff Baum, Executive Director for Finance Jeff Baum, Executive Director for Finance

Lubbock ISD is changing the rules when it comes using school district property.  LISD is no longer relying upon the city to coordinate the use of ball fields and other properties.  Due to recent changes, those wishing to hold an event on school property will now rent directly from the district.

Jeff Baum, LISD Executive Director for Finance, says there were multiple reasons for the change including voter approval for $198 million of school facilities.

"We know that in the hard financial times that we're in that it's hard to come by money to renew those facilities," said Baum.  "We need to make sure there's a program in place to where we can renovate those facilities again when the need arises."

Rental fees will be dedicated to repair, maintenance, and renovation.  Baum also says there was a need to "… standardize that process."

"We really weren't set up properly to charge so we were in a situation where we were giving the use of our facilities to some and charging others."

For some, the district will charge full price.  For others it will be reduced price or even free.  It depends on who makes up the group of people renting a facility.  Is it adults or kids, for example?  If it's comprised of kids, then do they come from within the LISD or do they come from schools all around the region? 

So what's for rent at the LISD?  Well, pretty much everything is.

"We have basically made every facility in our district available for rent, everything from the Jay Gordon room here at central office to Lowry Field, to any of our middle school gymnasiums, to any of our middle school classrooms," Baum said. 

"Basically the only things that are not available for rent are the individual offices that people hold."

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