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Lubbock-area school districts fail to meet federal standards


Lubbock, Frenship and Lubbock-Cooper ISD all failed to meet the goals set for them by the federal AYP test. It stands for Adequate Yearly Progress and they are goals given to each school that they are supposed to achieve and expand upon year after year, but the superintendents we talked to feel it just isn't working.

"Every state has a different test, and so when you compare AYP from the state of Texas and the schools in the state of Texas to Vermont or any other state the tests are very different and I think it's difficult to have two different accountability systems with very different metrics. It makes it very confusing," said Lubbock ISD superintendent Dr. Karen Garza.

Lubbock ISD failed to meet the standards in reading performance, mathematics performance and graduation rate. Frenship failed in mathematics performance and Lubbock-Cooper didn't meet expected reading and mathematics performances, but that doesn't mean any of the districts offer terrible educations.

"We've had numerous circumstances in Lubbock and in other school districts where you have recognized and exemplary schools under state accountability yet don't meet AYP," Dr. Garza continued.

While the AYP standards are in place, the area districts will continue to work with their teachers to try and improve test scores, and Dr. Garza feels regardless of who is elected President in November, education reform needs to be done.

"You know we need to be held accountable for students. We certainly need to prepare every student to that high standard, but I think it's time for us to kind of step back and re-evaluate what are some better metrics, valid measures that will truly reflect the performance of a school."

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