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City Councilman's radio show is off the air

Todd Klein, image from City Council web page Todd Klein, image from City Council web page

As of Thursday, City Councilman Todd Klein is not a daily fixture on Lubbock radio.  Klein said goodbye to his listeners just before 6 PM on KRFE, saying in part, "I wanted to thank everybody."

Klein also said, "At some point maybe we'll be back on another station. Or if not, sometimes life takes us in different directions.  It's been a thrill ride to be with each and every one of the listeners."

A few hours prior to the show, Klein posted on his Facebook page, "Today is the last airing of The Todd Klein Show, at least for now and at AM580."

Lance Cansino acted as fill-in host for most of the show.  Klein made an appearance by phone in the last 15 minutes, most likely from City Hall where the Lubbock City Council was preparing for an evening session. 

Klein was known to be gracious to both guests and callers even when talking about the most controversial of subjects.  Klein said, "I appreciate you making us part of your day.  God bless, and it's been a pleasure."

Wade Wilkes, General Manager of KRFE 580 AM, says "Todd Klein is and will remain a good friend of mine. I had to move his show due programming changes. He was offered a daily 11 to 12:30 pm slot and after several days he decided the move was not in his best interest."

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