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Lubbock Woman Close to Reagan Remembers

At the time, Ronald Reagan was campaigning in Texas for the Republican Presidential nomination. He did not get it that year, but was successful in 1980. In 1976, Reagan delivered a speech inside the KCBD news studio. Monday, we found the woman who helped plan those events back in 1976, She is still living in Lubbock.

Millie Monte found treasures in her closet she forgot she had. Like aged Lubbock newspaper clippings of her and Ronald Reagan. Another with Nancy Reagan. Digging deeper, she found lovelier gifts. "Isn't this pretty? I really should frame it," said Millie talking about a scarf.

Send Your Condolences to the Reagan Family
The public is invited to send a condolence message via the Internet in memory of former United States president Ronald Reagan. The web site is setup by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Mrs. Reagan gave Millie the scarf and a gold charm bracelet. Millie was very active in Lubbock politics nearly 40 years ago. She helped arrange news conferences for then California Governor Ronald Reagan when he visited Lubbock in 1976. Reagan was on the campaign trail for the Republican Presidential nomination.

The Holiday Inn located on South Loop 289 used to be the South Park Inn. When Reagan visited Lubbock, that's where he stayed.

28-years-later, Millie remembers everything about Reagan. "He's such a compassionate man. Really he's my hero. As many people will tell you they think the same thing of him," said Millie. And so, Reagan's passing touches Millie's heart. "He's a man you'd never forget," she sobs.

Those relics, the autographed picture, the scarf, the charm bracelet will help Millie keep the fond memories of Reagan close to home.

Local Memories of President Reagan
Lubbockites reflect on the passing of the 40th President.

Reagan actually visited Lubbock two other times, once in 1964 to endorse a Republican senatorial candidate and another time in 1980 when he was on his second Presidential campaign trail.

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