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Missing Teen's Parents Continue Search

To say the trail leading to Joanna Rogers has gone cold would be incorrect, because a trail never even materialized when she disappeared. The Lubbock County Sheriff's Department has struggled to find clues, but very few have surfaced. That's why Joe and Kathy Rogers, Joanna's parents, aren't going to stop until they've exhausted every option. Kathy says, "Right now we are getting quite a few things going as far as local and national media campaign. We haven't been invited on the national news yet, but we do have several missing children's organizations that have asked us to participate."

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Organizations like the Missing Kids Tour which goes across different states increasing awareness of missing children, and 18 Wheel Angels, where pictures of the missing are placed on 18 wheelers. Truck drivers will also put up flyers with Joanna's picture across the country. Kathy says, "We also are working with an advertising agency to produce public service announcements." Locally, Lamar advertising is helping out, donating one of their billboard spaces to Joanna's return and offering others with Joanna's picture at a discount.

In the meantime, the sheriff's office continues to field phone calls, with no solid leads. Lt. Cody Scott says, "The trail basically ended at her house. From there, we have no information to go one way or the other."

Kathy says, "She's out there. We're going to find her and if someone has taken her, we're going to find them too." Joe Rogers says, "She's supposed to be here. She's supposed to be safe. So Joanna, if you're out there, get home to your daddy and your momma. We love you and if anyone has got her, turn her loose. Get her home to us and everybody that's out there, watch for my daughter, please. We want her home."

Joanna's parents have filled out an application to get Joanna's story on America's Most Wanted. They strongly believe that she is somewhere against her will. Also, this month, mail-it flyers will go out across the country with Joanna's picture in the top left corner, in hopes someone, anyone will call with a tip that brings Joanna home.

If you have any information at all please call the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department at (806) 775-1601.

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