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Local Memories of President Reagan

"I hate to hear it," said Raymond McWilliams, summing up a day of mourning. Flags at half staff, the country's heart sunken too. "He loved America, he really did," said Polly McWilliams.

Send Your Condolences to the Reagan Family
The public is invited to send a condolence message via the Internet in memory of former United States president Ronald Reagan. The web site is setup by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

But with the sadness came relief for the former president, and a flood of fond memories. "As far as he was concerned there were no classes of people, everybody was important," said Millie Monte. She remembers a presidential candidate she hosted in the Hub City. "Besides my family, I can't think of anyone I have more respect for," she said.

At the Lubbock Veteran's War Memorial, memories of strength. "I think a lot of him because he stood up to Russia when we needed somebody to stand up to them," said Bo Roller.

Out of that strength change. "I think it's important to celebrate the life of a great president," said Congressman Randy Neugebauer. On his recent tour of war torn Iraq, he stayed at a former Soviet hotel, his door guarded by a Russian. "And I thought about what a difference someone who grew up in the cold war era, what a difference it is that a sitting United States Congressman would be spending a night in a Russian hotel and that is thanks in great part to the efforts of Ronald Reagan," he said.

Lubbock Woman Close to Reagan Remembers
As the nation mourns the loss of America's 40th President, Ronald Reagan is also remembered in Lubbock.

Even here at NewsChannel 11. "I shook hands with him," said photographer H.C. Tims. He remembers 1976, snapping shots of a candidate touring the country. "A real nice fella," he said.

Memories as varied as the people who tell them, but sharing a unanimous belief on the president's fate. "Well, I think he's with the Lord," said Polly McWilliams. "And I know he's with the Lord," seconded Millie Monte.

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