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Lubbock City Council approves property tax increase


The Lubbock City Council voted to raise taxes Thursday night, but Mayor Glen Robertson says they're just doing what the voters asked.

Lubbock voters approved a bond measure in 2009 that paid for 15 extra firefighters and 34 construction projects. The plan was to pay for all of it at once, but after backlash the city decided finance it in three payments, and Thursday's vote was the final payment.

"Actually if you take what the voters have approved for that 2009 bond election, add in the 15 firefighters which they also approved in a vote, we're reducing taxes." Robertson said. "We would be at close to 49.8 if we added in all the voter approved taxes that would affect it, so it's almost right about half a cent decrease over voter approved stuff."

The tax increase means that a person with a $100,000 dollar home can expect to pay an extra $18 in taxes, but Council Person Latrelle Joy says the rate may change.

"What we had to do was vote on a proposed tax rate because that has to be established in order to go forward with the public hearings, but that doesn't mean I or any other of the council members are in favor of that rate. The rate could be less, and there were some council members who were willing to set that a little bit higher," Joy said.

The vote was 4 to 3 with Councilman Hernandez, Councilman Price and Councilman Klein all voting against it, but Councilman Hernandez and Price were the ones who discussed possibly increasing the tax rate.

The public has the chance to come out and voice their opinion on August 23rd and 30th and then a final vote will be made to determine if the tax increases will stay.

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