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Lubbock gas prices jump 20 cents in one week

If you have been to the pump lately, you have seen gas prices jump. Here in Lubbock the price of gas has increased by about 20 cents in just one week.

On Friday many of the gas stations around town were sitting at $3.39 a gallon and some experts say that price could get even higher by Labor Day weekend. "I think last week the price was $3.07, and now it's that high. It's nasty and it's really starting to get irritating," Bambi Sessions said as she filled up her truck.

"I have to drive 30 miles to work, so it's getting ridiculous but we all have to do it," Sessions said.

But why are drivers feeling the pain when paying at the pump? There are several reasons. Just this week in Richmond, California a Chevron refinery caught fire. It's one of the nation's biggest supply points.

Once again the drought is causing problems with a drought-driven boost in ethanol costs.

AAA experts are predicting prices could go down after the end of next month, but they're also saying it's better to fill up now than wait until tomorrow and chance paying more.

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