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Lubbock Republicans, Democrats both excited about VP pick

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Lubbock Republicans were obviously happy when Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, but Lubbock Democrats seem pretty happy, too.

"I think Mitt Romney may have just handed the election to Barack Obama by selecting Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate," said Kenny Ketner, the Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair.

"It's going to give President Obama and Vice President Biden an opponent they already know how to deal with."

"He's a controversial, polarizing figure," Ketner continued. "He's definitely playing to the Tea Party and I think given the Ryan Plan that's gotten a lot of exposure as a kind of heartless budget, it's going to be tough to overcome that. Romney's trying to already distance himself from the Paul Ryan plan..."

Ketner believes that the Republican Party is becoming increasingly extreme and is very worries about the Ryan plan.

"The Ryan plan is going to privatize social security and kill it that way, they are going to turn medicare into a voucher or coupon system and kill it that way all while cutting taxes for the very wealthy."

Lubbock County Republican Party Chair Carl Tepper doesn't agree with his counterpart.

"The main highlights (about the Ryan plan) are going to be spending control, not necessarily that we need to raise taxes or that the government needs more revenue, but there's a spending problem and he's going to be able to cut that spending."

He is also very excited about Romney's nomination, but for very different reasons.

"Paul Ryan has been a star in the base of the Republican Party, but we're very glad that now the rest of America gets to see this guy and gets to see his talents  and energize everyone as much as we're energized," Tepper said. "His strengths are his intelligence - he's not a grandstander - he has a good rapport and an ability to explain complex issues very simply."

President Obama is expected to attack Ryan's desire to overhaul Medicare as a part of his budget plan and both party chairmen think Romney will attack Obama's economic record. There may also be a battle over taxes, with Romney pledging to lower them and Obama wanting to increase them for the highest earners in our country.

Regardless Tepper feels a Romney, Ryan ticket will mean success come November.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make an incredible team, a very exciting team, they're going to be able to the American people policies that ultimately bring us out of this financial malaise that we're in."

Kenny Ketner and Carl Tepper each have a message for Independents:

"The Republican Party is more and more extreme and Mitt Romney realizes he needs to cater to the Tea Party. I think Independents will have a clear choice in November between the President who wants to protect the middle class and the poor, and the Republican ticket that wants to serve the very rich," Ketner said.

Carl Tepper says, "Don't listen to the noise, study the issues that you're going to be hearing about, make your own decision, do your own research. You're going to be hearing a lot of misinformation, but the fact of the matter is that the American people are able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. They don't want welfare, they want work, and that's what the Republican type of initiatives give you. They give you less taxes and more opportunity to build your own way."

The political ads will start flying soon, but we'll have to wait until November to see whose excitement is warranted.

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