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Mayor says 2 Councilmen 'not prepared' for votes

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson
Councilman Todd Klein Councilman Todd Klein
Councilman Victor Hernandez Councilman Victor Hernandez

Mayor Glen Robertson called out two members of the Lubbock City Council Friday, saying in essence that they don't do their homework before coming to Council meetings. Robertson made his comments Friday morning on KFYO radio.

Council Members are provided background information for each regularly scheduled meeting that typically ranges from 300 to 700 pages in length. It's called the "backup agenda."

Robertson was speaking with KFYO host Rex Andrew and said certain unnamed members of the Council don't prepare.

When Andrew asked if he wanted to name names, the Mayor said, "I think that when Mr. Klein comes to council and is asking questions that are already in his backup, that possibly he's not prepared. I think when Mr. Hernandez does the same thing, perhaps he's not prepared."

When KCBD called him for a response, Klein said he wanted to limit his comments to avoid the risk of making the conflict worse. When asked about the Mayor's remarks, he said, "Such remarks would be regrettable, and they're inaccurate."

Klein said, "I think in light of the recent campaign where the need for civility was stressed, I would hope people would work to live up to those public expectations."

Klein says sometimes he asks questions, not because he doesn't understand the issue, but because he wants the public to have access to the same explanations that the City Council has heard.

Councilman Victor Hernandez chose not comment publicly.

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