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Texas to double cotton production since last year


Blame the drought if you'd like, but 2011 was not a stellar year for cotton production in Lubbock, the South Plains, or anywhere in Texas.

Cotton is king in Lubbock with a $5 billion yearly impact on the greater Lubbock area.

On Friday, Lubbock-based Plains Cotton Growers quoted federal officials as saying the High Plains would produce an estimated 4.35 million bales of cotton - which is more than double the 1.8 million bales produced last year.

PCG quotes federal officials as saying statewide growers will produce 6.7 million bales of cotton, up from 3.5 million bales last year.

Farmers at this point need both rain and high temperatures to maximize their potential crops.

PCG says, "Abandonment on the High Plains likely will rise to above the 18 to 20 percent average in the next few weeks if it does not rain and temperatures stay around the 100-degree mark."

PCG Executive Vice President Steve Verett said, "There's some excellent-looking cotton out there, and there aren't many on the High Plains who were able to say that about their crops last year. So, we remain optimistic about this year's harvest."

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