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TCEQ votes soon on Lubbock's water permit in the North Fork


TCEQ Commissioners are scheduled to vote August 22 on a City of Lubbock water permit in the North Fork of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River.

The proposal is for Lubbock to dump 32,991 acre feet of processed waste water (roughly 10.75 billion gallons of water) every year into the North Fork and recover that same water 2.7 miles downstream for "for municipal and recreational purposes in addition to the industrial and irrigation purposed authorized in the existing permit."

Lubbock already dumps up to nine million gallons per day of treated wastewater into the North Fork.

A pair of water rights owners in the region object along with the Texas Office of Public Interest Counsel. They say the proposal, as currently written, would interfere with current water rights owners.

An administrative law judge disagreed with the objections and said Lubbock's proposal meets state standards.  Public records say the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality's Executive Director supports the change to Lubbock's permit.

Eventually Lubbock plans to recycle waste water and put it back into the municipal water supply.

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