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Texas Tech says campus safety is a top priority

With Monday's shooting near Texas A&M campus in College Station, many are wondering what is being done on Texas Tech's campus to ensure the safety of the students and faculty.

In just two weeks more than 30,000 students will return to campus as classes start back up. Managing director for Texas Tech communications and marketing Chris Cook says there are a number of safety measures and policies in place to keep Tech safe.

"The safety of our community, not just students, but also our faculty and staff and visitors to campus is a top priority," Cook said.

Cook says campus officials are constantly looking at ways to update and improve their policies, especially when situations like A&M's shooting occur.

"In the event of something like that happening here we would work hand in hand with Lubbock police to assist them in any way they need us to assist. A&M was obviously alerted because they did a Maroon

Alert. We have what we call Tech Alert," he said.  

Once a student is enrolled at Texas Tech, they are automatically signed up for Tech Alert. Parents can also sign up to get these emergency messages that are sent by text, email and phone calls. These Tech Alerts are sent by Texas Tech's Police Department to notify students of any threats or dangers on or near campus.   

A Tech Alert was sent out just this June after an employee spotted a man on campus carrying a rifle. It ended up being a false alarm, but it did open the eyes of Tech officials.

"I don't think there is a perfect policy out there. There are some that are better than others, but as we went through with the reported gun man on campus about a month ago, we went through afterward and said ok what can we do differently?" Cook said.

Some of those emergency polices also include educating students on what to do if a gunman were to unleash terror on campus. "The buildings are secure, and if we do have an individuals in we ask that those in buildings stay where they are, and that people on campus avoid that area," he said.

In addition to Tech Alerts, there are also dozens of emergency boxes spread out on campus for students in immediate danger.

To find out more about Texas Tech's safety polices (click here).

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