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Camera Phone Ban in Lubbock Gyms

The owner of Flex Fitness Center on University Avenue made the decision Tuesday, to ban picture phones from inside its locker rooms. Not because it was a problem, but because they wanted to stop a problem from occurring. A problem being reported more and more across the state.

Camera phones are the newest trend in the cell phone world, but its also causing problems. For instance, Austin gyms are banning camera phones inside their facilities. It has been reported that the Travis County District Attorney's Office is working on prosecuting ten lewd photography cases, some involving camera phones. Lubbock has taken notice of these reports and now taking action.

"Of course, we haven't had any problems. But when you did bring it to our attention, we thought, you know it's better to address issues now before we have a problem," said Chad Carlisle, Flex Fitness Center Owner.

Carlisle decided to ban camera phones inside the locker rooms. He posted signs Tuesday informing members. "Gyms are banning camera phones because people are discreetly taking lewd photographs of people in compromised positions. Those victims do not even know their picture is being taken."

Body Works banned camera phones inside its locker rooms six months ago. Not because they had a problem either, but to avoid future problems. Gold's Gym in Lubbock never returned our phone call. However, an Austin-based Gold's Gym has banned camera phones inside its whole facility.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with the Lubbock D.A.'s office, and they have not seen any cases involving lewd photography. The police department says they have not had any reports either. But, if you feel like you have been a victim, you can call the Rape Crisis Center at (806) 763-7273.

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