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Minor League Baseball Still In The Works for Lubbock

We've told you for months of The West Texas Professional Baseball group's negotiations to move onto the South Plains, but today partners confirmed they're getting close.

"West Texas Professional Baseball right now is in the process of identifying sites that would be suitable to develop a stadium to house a minor league team," said Mike Thiessen.

Mike Thiessen, a Chicago based Consultant, who's helped establish 13 minor league stadiums in the country says the land they choose will determine what all they build.

"We had a great meeting with the City and continue to have great meetings with the City. They are very encouraging and very forthright in their willingness to want to work with us. And now we're going to sit down and see what's available in terms of zoning issues, environmental streets and so the city has been fantastic," said Thiessen.

Thiessen says they viewed some 20 sites Monday, narrowing their options down to about six, some in Lubbock, some near Lubbock.

"This is well past the idea stage. There will be a team here, they're committed to doing that. When? I don't know," said Thiessen.

Thiessen says they will need at least 30 acres for the stadium alone, and it will take about a year to build.

"Hotel room nights alone will be anywhere between 15-1800 just generated by the team, the trainers, alone and that's assuming they don't bring any fans, that's just the team and coaches. Then there will be roughly 1 million plus in concession sells which are all taxable, plus another million in merchandise and ticket sales. We'll employees somewhere between 100 and 120 on a game day," said Thiessen.

Thiessen also says WTPB is very dedicated to this project and financially ahead of the ball game. He says they are too early in the game to discuss a team. They have to establish a home first, then they'll find the team. We'll of course keep you posted on the developments.

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