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TTUHSC expert shares the differences in West Nile

There are still no cases of West Nile reported in Lubbock County.   But a case of West Nile "fever" has been reported in Hale County.  So what does that mean when officials describe it as West Nile fever and not West Nile virus?

Dr. Richard Lampe, an infectious disease specialist at Texas Tech, says it's the same mosquito borne illness, just caught early.  In fact, for many people, the fever could run its course before you even know what it is.

"One part of the infection maybe the fever; that is it most often.  But sometimes if it gets out of the blood, and it goes to another body part, the brain.  And that would be West Nile infection and encefalitis."

Dr. Lampe says age makes a difference when it comes to West Nile. It's easier for kids and young adults to cope with the flu-like symptoms.  But seniors, who suffer fever and a headache, particularly after a mosquito bite, should see a doctor.

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