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Nyce Legs: Does It Work?

Nyce legs! Want to make them nicer especially for those who hate to wear nylons? You can with "Nyce Legs," spray on instant nylons. One can will cost you $20, but Does It Work?

"We take the instant spray on nylons, which sounds like a dream, and spray it on evenly. Take a look can you see the difference?" You certainly could see one leg was darker than the other. Also, it appeared the Nyce Legs left a shimmery affect.

A few KCBD employees thought my legs look smoother. Others thought it just made my legs look tan. One thought my leg looked like a tan bare leg.

I thought the Nyce Legs made my legs look pretty nice. However, I found out that this stuff will rub off. So you'll have to be careful wearing it. Other than that, I liked it, it works!

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