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Tax Free Weekend is here, but shoppers are holding back


The Tax Free Holiday Weekend began at midnight on Thursday, and stores were expecting a large turnout.

"Typically in this three day period we may have between 140 and 150 thousand people that come," Beth Bridges, the Marketing Manager for South Plains Mall commented Friday.

"It's one of our busiest weekends of the year for our stores out here. Our retailers really look forward to it to kick off the productive back-to-school shopping season."

Friday was slower than expected. Store owners told us Saturday would be when they would make the majority of their money, but that prediction hasn't come true.

"We expected a lot more traffic. Our volume should be blowing out of the roof, and this week it has just been a little on and off."

D'Raye Rodriguez is the Store Manager of Body Central. Her store was expecting a lot of people.

"We've actually had a heavier shipment coming in and we've actually been preparing everything and we've just stocked everything and had it out, ready on the floor ready to go for everybody," she said.

But her anticipation hasn't matched the shopper turnout.

"Actually compared to last year there's been a decrease in sales and we've noticed the difference. We actually had better sales last weekend," said D'Raye, who thinks less money in people's pockets is to blame.

"I've been hearing a lot of people complaining about prices and honestly we have very good prices compared to a lot of other places, so I think it's the money," she said.

Unless sales drastically improve Sunday, many businesses will be stuck wondering when people will start to buy again.

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