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Dangers of not being circumcised

In the 1970's and 80's nearly 80% of newborn boys in the United States were circumcised. Today, that number has dropped to about half.  So, what's the risk if you don't choose that for your newborn?

Clinical trials have shown men who are not circumcised have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, which are often spread to their partners.  Some of the illnesses, like HPV, can cause cancer.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University calculated the costs associated with the increased risks that come with not getting circumcised.  Dr. Aaron Tobian said, "If our rates continue to decrease to those seen in Europe at approximately 10%, our financial expenditures will exceed 4.4 billion dollars."

The American Academy of Pediatrics has not taken a stand on routine circumcision, but is meeting soon to discuss the issue.  In the meantime, as many parents struggle with that decision, cost is becoming a factor since the procedure has been eliminated from many government insurance programs.

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