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Food for Thought Report 6.10

Health inspectors have been busy in recent weeks, inspecting public pools, preparing for summer, and training a new inspector, because of that, there are less inspections to report. Nonetheless, we do have one low performer whose last inspection left them with four critical violations to correct.

Food for Thought 6.10
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/10/04.

El Burrito Mexicano II sits alone in this week's Food for Thought report. Located at 4250 Avenue A in East Lubbock, the restaurant failed to keep their cooler's temperature at the required 41 degrees or below. On the day it was inspected, the cooler sat at 49 degrees, earning the restaurant's first critical violation. Another critical violation was earned for not having an accurate thermometer in that cooler.

El Burrito Mexicano's third violation was cited because surfaces that come in contact with food were not clean and drink nozzles were found moldy. The restaurant's last violation was received for ground beef that was not properly date-marked. All ready to eat food items must be properly dated.

El Burrito Mexicano's manager refused to comment about this latest inspection on camera. An employee tells NewsChannel 11 all violations have been corrected.

Health inspectors had their hands full Thursday trying to crunch all of Friday's work in. The office will be closed Friday in remembrance of former President Ronald Reagan. We'll bring you all of those inspection scores next week. 

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