Maj. General Edgar Murphy, a Hometown Hero

Major General Edgar Murphy
Major General Edgar Murphy

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week we honor Major General Edgar Murphy as a Hometown Hero. Murphy joined the Army National Guard when he was just 18.

"I don't know why I joined, I just wanted to do something for my country. I never intended to stay over my eight years, but all of a sudden, 43 years later, I was 60 years old and I retired," Murphy said.

Throughout his time in the National Guard, Murphy was a commander at every level that an officer can be, an honor that he doesn't take lightly.

"Number one was to take care of your men; you have to take care of the solider's and make sure they're taken care of," Murphy said.

Murphy holds the citizen soliders of the Army National Guard in the highest regard.

"I think it's very admirable of the citizen solider to try to balance between the country and his employers and his family," Murphy said.

Although he retired in 1995, General Murphy didn't see that as the end of his service.

"I don't think veterans really ever stop serving," Murphy said.

Murphy spearheaded the effort to build the combined Armed Forces Guard and Reserve Center in Lubbock, which is the first one of it's kind west of the Mississippi. Murphy has 16 medals and countless awards and recognitions. However, it was after his retirement that he was given one of his greatest honors, when the reserve center was named after him.

A true sense of American pride and no regrets radiate from this decorated Hometown Hero.

"I didn't have to do it but I felt like my country has been good to me and I owe it something back," Murphy said.

Murphy retired as a two star general; however, former governor George W. Bush and the Texas National Guard promoted him to a three-star Major after his retirement.

Murphy is planning a Panhandle/South Plains Ol' Guard Reunion this coming September. This event is for Army National Guardsmen that served between 1955 and 2000. It is being held on September 22nd at the National Guard/Reserve Center in Lubbock. Contact General Murphy at (806)548-1849.

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