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Studies show teens doing illegal activity during school

They should be focusing on reading, writing, and arithmetic, but too many teens are drinking and smoking marijuana during school hours.  That's according to a new survey from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

Joseph Califano from CASA Columbia said, "It's likely that the overwhelming proportion of conduct that the kids are talking about is drinking alcohol and smoking pot."  "It's alcohol and drugs that are putting the high in high school, not advanced education."

Those are alarming words from Joseph Califano who conducted the survey with fellow researchers.  He says nearly every teen who was surveyed nationally, 97-percent to be exact, said they know classmates who sneak alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes into school.  They even use them while school is in session.   The problem is not just limited to public schools. The survey reveals more than half the teens at private school said drugs are in their hallways, too, and that's a 50-percent increase from the survey results a year before.

The survey also found that what parents think about drug use matters.  When teens said their parents would be extremely upset if they used marijuana, they were four times less likely to have smoked pot. So, you can see the bottom line here...parents are encouraged to talk to their kids about substance abuse and to stay actively engaged in what their teens are doing, and who they're running around with.

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