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Lubbock Mayor asks: should Godeke Library stay or move in search of cheaper rent?


Is Godeke Library too expensive?  Mayor Glen Robertson is not ready to say ‘yes' but he is willing to put the question to his fellow City Council members.  Robertson has scheduled a behind-closed-doors meeting with the City Council on Thursday to discuss the $25,000 monthly rent that Lubbock pays for the current location at South Loop & Slide. 

Robertson tells, "Is it worth it?  Do folks like it where it is currently?  Should the city look for other options?" 

The Mayor says he's perfectly willing to leave Godeke where it is.  Or he's also perfectly willing to move it.  No decision is expected on Thursday; just some discussion.

Godeke had to be moved from its previous location, 66th and Quaker, because of black mold.  The building was torn down and in early 2010 Godeke found a new home in what used to be the Barnes and Noble location. 

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