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National media head over heels for judge's comments


National media attention has become squarely focused on Lubbock County after Judge Tom Head said that if President Obama is re-elected there will be civil war.

The judge's comments were the most popular story on CNN by a wide margin and sparked heated comments, not only about the judge but the State of Texas overall. Fox News, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast  and Yahoo! also ran stories about Judge Head.

With all that national attention, the chairs of the local political parties responded today about feedback they are getting from Lubbock Citizens.

Carl Tepper, Chair of Lubbock County's Republican party of which Judge Head is a member, said that reaction from within his party has been mixed.

"I've had reactions from all angles that you can possibly imagine and some angles that you haven't imagined and it just reminds me how diverse Lubbock is," Tepper said. "It reminds me how diverse the nation is and it reminds me how diverse the Republican Party is."

Tepper says the judge is normally very soft-spoken and cautious in his choice of words, and his statement came as a shock.

"I'm surprised by Judge Head's comments, but the Republican Party is certainly not calling for him to resign."

"If an elected official speeds, if an elected official has a DWI, if an elected official has a bad day, if they raise taxes, they always call for them to resign, but in the end it's going to be up to Judge Head and what he feels comfortable with."

Tepper added that the idea of UN troops coming into Lubbock is very far-fetched  but that many voters fear possible environmental regulations by the UN because West Texas produces so much oil.

Kenny Ketner is the chair of Lubbock County's Democratic Party and he says the judge's comments were ridiculous.

"We thought it was outrageous what he said and the Civil War fantasy he presented of the U.N.-controlled United States government invading Lubbock is just totally outrageous."

The Democratic Party issued a press release yesterday which called for Judge Head to resign, a call Ketner says he is hearing from many residents of Lubbock County. He added there is no way to recall a County Judge and thinks the whole situation is very funny.

"Our objection is this fantasy civil war scenario that he's concocted where the County government in Lubbock, Texas would be fighting the Federal Government and the President of the United States and the U.N. We may as well prepare for an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse."

Those who are in favor of making sure Judge Head leaves office will have to wait until 2014, the next time he is up for re-election. Until then many people locally and nationally will still be talking about his comments.

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