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A reminder to protect animals during this West Nile outbreak

We told you earlier that Lubbock has recorded its first official case of West Nile Virus in a 70 year old man who is recovering.  More now from Dr. Ron Warner, an infectious disease specialist, who is also a veterinarian.

One thing we have not talked about when it comes to West Nile is he risk an infected mosquito brings to one animal in particular.

"One in 150 people that are infected with West Nile Virus on average, one of them will experience serious disease.  In horses, it's more like one in five.  For every five horses infected, one is going to experience severe disease."

Dr. Warner adds that just as in people, age matters.  The older the horse means the greater the risk that a West Nile infection could be severe. He recommends that every horse be vaccinated against West Nile.   It would be something that will take a week or so to build immunity. There is no vaccine for people, but he says prevention is just so easy.  

Again, remember to wear a bug spray with DEET, especially at dusk or dawn, and drain any standing water around your house.

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