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Food For Thought: 8.23

Our first low performer this week...

Nick's sports grill and lounge, at 9806 Quaker Avenue. They had six critical violations.

-Employees were seen wearing new gloves without proper hand washing.

-Containers of salt, yeast and flour were missing labels.

-Water was seen dripping from the top of the reach in cooler - into an uncovered product....and tongs were left touching a soiled apron in the dish area.

-Furniture polish was stored next to cups at the drink station... A bottle of dish soap was next to the ice scoops... And a silver can was missing a label.

-There was no toilet paper in the men's bathroom.

-A microwave was soiled on top of the chip station, and mold was forming inside the ceiling of the ice machine and back wall.

La michoacano restaurant, at 2131 Clovis Road, was inspected this week after someone filed a complaint about them.

During their visit, inspectors found seven critical violations. Most of them were repeat violations from their last inspection, which was in March.

-Cooked chicken was being cooled improperly.

-Beef with green sauce and salsa were not kept cold enough.

-Rellenos were not kept hot enough.

-- Those both were repeat violations from the last inspection.

-An employee was seen handling tortillas with their bare hands.

-Eggs were stored on a shelf above an open container of shrimp and cocktail sauce, tortillas, and corn on the cobb.

--That was also a repeat violation.

-A fly strip was hanging in the middle of the kitchen.

-Management has been ordered to pay a re-inspection fee of 90 dollars due to the nature of violations and number of repeated violations.

Most of the items were corrected during the time of inspection.

We contacted the management at the restaurant, but were told that no one wanted to talk with us.

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