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Lubbock Leaders Reflect on the Life and Legacy of Ronald Reagan

Around the City of Lubbock, it was apparent that Friday was no ordinary day in history. It was the day Lubbockites had to say goodbye to a dear friend and revered leader. Government offices were closed, the stars and stripes rested at half staff, and church bells wrang 40 times in downtown. It was all in memory of the Gipper, the Great Communicator.. Ronald Reagan.

NewsChannel 11 sat down with city leaders to reflect on a President who was an example for everyone.

"President Reagan was a great guy. I think he'll go down in history as being one of our greatest Presidents. He was a leader," said Councilman, Jim Gilbreath.

"I never believed he put himself as the most powerful man in the nation or the world. He was humble," remembers Councilwoman, Linda DeLeon.

"He certainly was a man of high ideals and of the utmost integrity and you can't say that about everyone and you certainly can't say that about every President we've had, but you can say that about Reagan," says Mayor Marc McDougal.

Send Your Condolences to the Reagan Family
The public is invited to send a condolence message via the Internet in memory of former United States president Ronald Reagan. The web site is setup by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Speaking about the day Reagan said "Mr. President, tear down this wall." Linda DeLeon says, "It just brings chills to my arms because it was just a powerful message. Everybody just stopped. Wherever you were, you had to watch that moment." Jim Gilbreath says, "The most significant accomplishment was his leadership, winning the Cold War and tearing down the iron curtain." The Mayor agrees saying, "He certainly was a big part of ending the Cold War, as the saying goes, without firing a shot."

Americans around the country listened intently as President Bush spoke of Reagan at his funeral on Friday. "In the space of a few years, he took ideas and principals that were only found in journals and books and turned them into a broad hopeful movement ready to govern."

It was because of that, he earned Linda DeLeon's vote. "I'll never admit to anybody, but I will today, that he's the only Republican I've ever voted for. Part of it was because of who he was and what he stood for and his personality. He portrayed himself like he and I knew each other. We're just glad he crossed our paths as President Reagan. He'll be greatly missed."

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